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The Tarwin

In Tarwin Lower it darkens and deepens and in silence crawls slow
As near to the Pacific it ever does flow
The waterway that has inspired the makers of story and rhyme
Like all rivers Tarwin is so old in time
The Tarwin in full flood quite a sight to behold
Of vast areas of countryside under flood waters i have heard stories told
It has flowed long before the age of the dinosaurs or the birth of the first woman and man
The Tarwin has flowed forever and on it does not have a time span
Where South Gippsland's first people hunted and fished and had their corroborees
The sound of the didgeridoos often heard floating in the warm Summer breeze
But that was in the past in the past now long gone
And as ever changes keep happening and time ticking on
And the Tarwin silently and slowly keeps flowing on it's way
Through Tarwin Lower on towards Venus Bay.

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