The Tattoo

Poem By Carsten Thomsen

Wearing little
but pants
a grin and cigar
you laughed
out loud
your crazy grin.
Your arms covered
in scars
gang tattoos
from your
colorful past.
Still embedded in arm;
a bullet,
and in your head
the story
of how
and when
and why
Seeing you there
staggering drunk
in the pale
pre dawn light
I wonder:
are you drinking
because its Friday
or to forget
the naked cement floor
under your soles,
the roaches and rats
in the ally,
a tattoo that reads love

like me?

Comments about The Tattoo

Carsten I think this is a fabulous poem...I'd ditch the very last line. In my opinion, it would be perfect without it.
Very graphic scene you've shown Carsten. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary

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