The Tea Shop In My Village....................

Most sit reading newspapers
Some come to buy
While some come to come to chit chat
Some just sit around having tea
That’s my village’s teashop

You see him bust with chores
Old, thin and stout he is
Running here and there between hot, frying snacks
When the work is more you hear him cursing
That’s our teashop keeper

Morning you hear beautiful songs, devotional
Then its time for daily local news
Coughing and sneezing all the time
Voice not at all clear
Popular he is, ‘coz everyone likes to listen
That’s our dusty old radio there

Children going to school
Wave goodbye to the old man
He then gives a broad toothless smile in return
Newcomers to village
Find their way from him
North, south, east or west
He’ll know it for sure

You hear the clatters of plates
At times loud quarrels
Then they all fade away
That is our village’s court, the same old teashop
Where our shopkeeper becomes the judge
Without any graduation

Rumours start from there
A day is not complete without them
Moreover, a day begins there for many
The tea stall, its keeper and the radio
Something we can never ignore………………..

by Reshma Dream Is Never A Crime................

Comments (2)

Rumours start from there.Jo Ravi na dekhe woh kavi dekhe.good observation.good one
Reshima - Good job! You have the makings of a good poet!