The Teacher

The Ruins Of God
Have Crowded Around Me
As Descendents They Nod
With Red Eyes Of Fury

They Said Your Last Words
Would Count As Your Key
But Say The Wrong Words
And In Hell You Will Be

So I Looked In Their Eyes
And Noticed A Child
And Then I Asked Why
If I Never Act File

The Outcome Of Stress
Will Lead To No Good
If You Just Wish You Had
Just Like You Have

And For The Pressure Of Sin
We Have Crowded Around You
But You Have Not Yet Gave In
So That's Why We've Found You

That's Why Your Life
Has Come To An End
How Come My Life
If Others Do Sin

So Others Take Head
Your Loved Ones Will Learn
From All Your Mistakes
And That's Why You'll Burn

I Was Given A Choice
And I Chose To Reach
So That's Why It Hurts
Cause Others I Teach

by Alfredo Parra

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good expressions..well done...actually, this made me nice and smart..