The Teacher, The Student, And At Home

Why do I get up
early out of bed,
To go to a place
that i hate to be at

Ha ha my child
you will see,
the reason to get up,
Is so I can teach.

Why do you teach
all you do is moan?
About my behaviour
I do nothing wrong?

I would never shout,
if you were good,
Don’t tell me lies,
you always talk!

Why do I do homework,
I don’t agree
doing homework
isn’t a treat?

Don't make excuses,
it has to be done,
its the law,
says the government!

Why do I have detention
are you crazy,
look at my face
I've had plenty.

one minute your worried
now your tough,
no wander you have it
its your own damn fault

what are you starting,
are you being funny,
or do you want to fight me.

silly boy,
dont jump to conclusions
your talking stupid now,
come to your senses

Now im stupid
thanks a bunch
no wander i hate,
this -- school,

watch your language,
theres no need,
use your respect,
with it treat me

I'll say what I want,
you cant stop me,
I know you cant stop me,
the government also rules the freedom of speech

I think you forget,
how much power I have,
I can exclude you,
any time I want.

Go ahead,
do your worse,
I dont care,
i want you to

Im at home im so bored
should've said im sorry
i want to go to school

by Gary McPhail

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