The Tears

Poem By Alicia Meyers

Have you ever cried so much you couldn't breathe?
That you bend your head against the wall in your room.
Walking around in circles thinking 'what the heck just happened? '.
Everything happened so fast, so quick.
You're trying to think about what just happened,
but you're also trying to stop the tears from falling down your face.
The back of your throat clenches, and your fists squeeze tighter and tighter,
hitting everything near you.
Have you ever cried so much
that the only person who can stop the tears is the person who made you

Comments about The Tears

OMG this is something like me.... i bang my head on the wall... even tho u shouldnt do it.... it actaully can cause u to have a brain tummer bc when u bang your head it shakes your brain and thats not good at all... so yea

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