BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'The Tears Flow Like And Unending Stream'

Tears flow from my soul when I see a lost person
One whom cannot see one single thing he
Feels he needs God for

Oh how it burdens my soul that they remain lost
No matter what we share with them
Oh how it hurts to even see those
Who are taught that Jesus is not real
Turn their backs upon him and curse him

It burdens my soul to think of those
I loved so dearly who have gone on before me
From this life, possibly not being saved
I often wonder shall I ever see them again

It frightens me when I look at all the things
People are accepting as ok now
Not accepting that there will be consequences
For things done which are not pure

It burdens my heart that many never claim
Our Lord as their one and only God
They are ashamed of what others might say
It burdens me even more to know that
Jesus will say to them: “depart for I know
You not “

All people on earth no matter how near or far
Look up and cry out to the God of the universe
He is the only hope and joy and peace we shall find
For soon we will see a major need for him
Oh please don’t wait until the door is closed
©Copyright 2004 Becky LaPrarie

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