The Tears I'Ve Cried

Poem By Isabela montez

Today of all day's was the worst
Today is the day I've cried the most
I don't like to cry but after today I can't help it
I have lost the one that mattered the most to me
I wish he could really see
Everytime I see his name or him I break-down and cry
The tears I've cried are for you
I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on some real fun
Even though I still cry because I love you
I try and try to get over you, but the same feeling comes back
We both say that our relationship was over but I believe that is just began
So I have one more thing to try
I want you back
I can't handle life without you
I know that I messed this up but now more than ever I want to fix this
The tears I cry are for the both of us
I know I can't live without you so I am trying to get you back, but the only thing I get in return is I'm sorry
If you ignore this I understand you just feel diffrent about this
So answer this do you love me
Please tell me if I am wasting my time telling you this
Because I lov3e you and I never want to let you go
If you don't love me I guess I have to get over that
I want you to tell me how you truly feel about you and me together
Even if you don't care about me I will always remember that smile you had on your face!

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