The Tears In Me

I've got to get something off my chest; I want to put this to rest.
I want to conquer the mountain, I want to drink from the fountain.
I have tears in me.

God's house is my church home; He is with me – I'm not alone.
I have shoes on my feet and food to eat, but there are tears in me.
I've been going through pain, always chasing the rain.
I have tears in me.

I've been fighting spiritual warfare, and some people just don't care.
Two wrongs don't make a right – I want this mess to end tonight.
I have tears in me.

Like a tree losing its bark, I fear facing the dark;
I must keep my eyes on the prize, till I see clear blue sky.
I have tears in me.

Put this mess to rest, and be blessed.

by Jimmy L. Lyons

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