SG (January 12,1978 / Bluefield, WV)

The Tears In My Eyes

Why do you make me cry all the time?
Why do you cause all this pain inside?
You see the tears as well as I, but still
you keep on with the abuse.
Don't you know what you have done to me?
Is this a game to you and do you think
it makes you free!
I can feel the tears roll down my face,
don't you see them they can't be erased!
Never again will you hurt me so, with the words,
the pain, and the hits you throw!
I know that with everything you do
that you think you are the man and that I
can take the abuse!
My body, mind, and soul will know that what
you do and what you say will soon come back
to you some day!
So, see the tears in my eyes they have went away and
they said GOOD BYE.
So, take these words I say to you and I hope
you see the pain you put me through!
So, now watch me walk out the door and good bye
for now and ever more!

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I hope you had the courage to get out of this one Samantha! Very emotional poem. Sincerely, Mary