The Tears In My Heart

I want to get mad and get furious
I want to release the pain that’s drowning me
I want to put on God all the blame
I want to ask Him why them and why not me?
But who am I to ask the Lord Almighty

Right now I’m loosing hope as I see them weakened everyday
I feel so helpless seeing them that they can’t bear alone the pain
I want to cry out loud so anyone could feel the burden inside my heart
But no one will ever know the sorrow I’ve been dealing about
Their sympathy will only make it worst and will start to loosen my faith

I want to take the pain away from them and the burden they carrying all day
But how can I do such a thing I’m just human so weak and vulnerable
Nothing to do but to cry helplessly and ask someone to save me

I want to extend their life even I have to fight their own destiny
Coz’ I cannot hide anymore the loneliness in my eyes
I can’t even bear the sorrow in my heart

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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an introspective verses..deep thoughts...well expressed and written..A 10 Ency Bearis