The Tears Of Ireland

It's time for me to write once more
But my mind flowed slow of inspiration
It's May Day, as I glance around

Apple blossoms nod in the breeze
Trees bloom green variations of shade
Across the fertile country of Ireland
Then petals fall like pink flakes of snow
Our pretty landscape is still and quite
Calm before a raging storm commences
Abortion looming over the realm
Austerity cuts the state in two

But yet

Apple blossoms nod in the breeze
Life goes on for the rich not the poor
Oppression and strife for the deprived
Penniless families going with out
Children go to school each day
Older folk goes to Church to pray
Is there a Redeemer on his way?
Or else more tyranny here to stay

But yet

Apple blossoms nod in the breeze
Flowers prosper well in healthy ground
This country, once of saints and scholars
Now a country of cheat and criminal'
Our soil is no longer belong to us
The Bankers and Developers robed all
Left us to pay for their wrong doing
We are like the lambs let to the slaughter

by Mai Venn

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Comments (7)

Brave utterances set aside for honest reflection. An insightful patriotic poem well articulated and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Mai and do remain enriched.
wonderful and keen observation of social it id unveiling before eyes. very patriotic and love for motherland.. Good, contrast social manipulations & Nature. Nature does it duty it has its way! thanks for sharing! !
Bitter truth and Nature's simple beauty walk hand in hand here. So captivating! Loved it. Thank you Mai for sharing it.
Very discriptive great imagery throughout
Brilliant write, I really enjoyed this insightful write, the truth is so beautifully captured with the sadness of the same old story the rich prosper and the poor are on their knees!
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