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The Tears Of Man
Samael Wolf (I'm not sure when I lived / Indiana)

The Tears Of Man

Is something you never see
we cry alone
in public is unmanly.
to show emotion

is to be weak
those of you know
of what I speak.
Be stoic, be strong

dont let your heart
drag you along.
Feign indifference
knowing the real truth

chalk it up to experience
without really being you.
Keep your tears
till you get home

we always cry
when we are alone.

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Comments (4)

yes, may be......this is true from social standpoint......
How true this is, but it makes one no less weak in my eyes...well done
How true from a 'social' stand point. Kindness is often mistaken for weakness, too. Laters...mate.
nice and strong poem....but i don't feel showing emotions is weaknesses....it rather makes genuine relationships strong and distinguished from the formal acquaintances......cheers MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR YOU