The Tears Of Pearl And Silk

“Oh, mankind, listen,
You know, how I’m born
Made of what material? ”
Asked the poor Pearl.

“They cut an oyster,
Inside its shell cover,
Place a tiny hard bit
That constantly irritates it.”

“It secretes a liquid,
That slowly turns solid,
To cover this painful bit,
That forms one pearl unit.”

“This way they torture,
Every poor little oyster,
To make a necklace,
Out of these beads.”

Oh, mankind, listen,
You know, how I’m born,
It is no fun or joke, ”
Murmured the silk.

“A silky case is spun
By insect tiny one
At the stage larva
To protect its pupa.”

“In hot water they boil,
This pupa and kill,
To take out its thread,
For miles that spread.”

“This thread they make,
Just for your sake,
Silk-cloth to wear,
For your little pleasure.”

Will you really be happy,
To glorify your body,
With pearl and silk wears,
After this tale of our tears?

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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Respected Savant Poet, The gloroius, pious and astonoshing words of the Poet, Where'er your words spin and spontanoues with ardent silent; With immaculate saphire, zephyr of philosophical solace: Rare soul will coalese and soalce to heart like You in Grace. Hail! To Poet! God Bless you, Yours sincerely, N.Karthikeyan Osho