The Tears Wasted

Poem By Rajaram Ramachandran

They were newly married couple,
A few days went on with no trouble.
As days passed on, he never turned,
While for his love, her heart yearned.

She wore daily the best of robes,
Diamonds sparkled in her ear lobes,
But he had his mind on his work.
And wasn’t keen to have a look.

Her heart, one day, nearly broke,
But it was saved from a stroke.
With tears she stood before him,
He saw her face-glow gone dim.

Deeply engrossed in his work,
He was stuck up to his desk.
Elsewhere was his mind
The reason for tears to find.

Suddenly, his mind woke up.
He collected, dropp by drop,
In a test tube all her tears,
And mixed some powders.

“Oh, I found out, my dear,
It’s nothing but saline water.”
So said the scientist husband,
Still tied up, work bound.

Comments about The Tears Wasted

ironically carved the hubbies, or so to speak, live-to- work life, their wives would be well provided for.
Tenderly and lovely carving of words.
The Tears Wasted! Never will be again. This goes to all the husbands.... STAND UP & APPLAUD! ! ! And the wives should be thankful to the poet for relating to their thoughts and turning their tears into words. This is an astounding piece of work. Truly amazing. The social message is so silently delivered; only a master of the language could do such justice with the language.
good poem, though here husband is scienctist, but it's true for most of the hubbies who are living in metros and working hard for money. and lost simple but beautiful moments of life.

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