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The Teenager From The Poor Suburb

I'm not about to pass a judgement I only quote what is a fact
A teenager jailed for shoplifting because he was caught in the act
Of stealing a few packets of cigarettes and a few mars bars a minor previous conviction he's had
Yet three months in jail seems a big sentence for something that does not seem so bad.

Had he been the son of wealthy parents he may have been treated quite differently
Got off on a suspended sentence and by the Judge treated quite leniently
His Postal Address was against him for some the Law is only fair
His Suburb is seen as poor and crime ridden and no wealthy people living there.

Compare his case to that of Corporate criminals millions in money from investors they steal
Five years for them a heavy sentence reduced to three on an appeal
Some say in the eyes of the Law all are equal though with that most would not agree
In a Court of Law you are severely disadvantaged if you are one in poverty.

Three months in jail for something petty the poor bugger does not stand a chance
Of making something out of his life he is shackled by circumstance
The teenager from the poor Suburb he has little chance of success
It would seem the odds are stacked against him all due to his Postal Address.

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