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The Teenager On His Bicycle

Wearing brown shorts and a blue football jersey and with sneakers on his feet
The teenager on his bicycle he goes whistling down the street
The evening is warm and breezy the wind tosses his long brown hair
As he pedals near the sidewalk he doesn't have a care.

The teenager on the bicycle he quickly glanced my way
And he broke off from his whistling just for to say 'good day'
And again he commenced whistling as he quickly pedalled on
And I fancy I still can hear him though from my sight he's long gone

Off to his football training of greatness he does dream
Of being a renowned footballer in a champion football team
The youth need a dream to follow his dream he will pursue
Lets hope life will stay good for him and his dream for him will come true.

The teenager on his bicylcle as he goes pedalling by
He breaks off from his whistling for to say a friendly hi
With his football boots strung across his handlebars he cycles to the park
For to train with his young team mates till twilight fades to dark.

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