The Tell-Tale Heart

I once knew a man with a vulturous eye
I hated it so much that he had to die,
I crept to his room every night,
Always being sure to make no light
But that terrible deed couldn't be done by me
'Till that vulturous eye, I could see.
And then, as I crept to his room one night,
My hand slipped-Oh what a plight!

I waited for hours
And my thoughts, they grew sour
As I saw that vultourous eye
My opportunity arrived! That man would die
He let out just one shriek
And then submitted, ever so meek
I hid him under the floorboards there,
the boards arranged so not worse for wear

Then, hark! The police came
I tried my best to act the same
But, alas, my will and destiny did part
And I was given up by the tell-tale beating of my heart.

by Margaret Everard

Comments (2)

*ahem* As the disclaimer at the beginning says, ' This poem is based off of the short story by none other than Edgar Allen Poe.'
did you write this? I don't believe you did. Not trying to cause offense. It just sounds familiar