The Tempter

The Tempter

at first glance it appears harmless to look upon
so you take your first sip
a numbing sensation comes from within
then gradually you build up the tolerance
then the second one comes & the third
next you know your starring at the ceiling
having a hell bent conversation with yourself
how did it get this bad how did I get here

then the tears as you intoxicate yourself with drink
onto the shots the sport a high appeal
the numbness sets in your belly
you fall over on the stool not to cool
no one helps you in this state no one seems to care
you feel sorry for yourself & then
go in for the kill again it's called addiction

the liar Satan makes awful things look very nice
but you never know if you get another chance to roll the dice
it's a crap shoot you know so its where you take it
hard to fake it when you throw up all over yourself
the vomit comes out on the door and even more
you end of peeing in your pants
not a real good way of starting a romance

but a first glance the cup looked quite appealing
now you don't know how to deal in
taking bits of your heart that's how the devil was dealing
but today I found the savior don't need the vice to think twice
I have lived another day for a chance to roll the dice
so don't ever fall for the great lie of alcohol
there's always a way of escape though so stand ten feet tall

by John Ackerman

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