The Tennessee Hills

The beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee
The beautiful country life I see
it's a little bit of Heaven on earth
Ad it's the home place of my birth.
Rolling green hills from left to right
What a magnificent sight.
Redbud's and dogwoods in bloom on the hills
In the distance I hear Doves and Whip-poor-wills

God's green mother earth so dear
Listen closely the Mockingbirds you'll hear
Beautiful scenes wherever I look
David Crockett park with spring, lake and brooks

Friendly smiles and faces to greet
With joy and comfort it's easy to seek
There are cornfields all over
And the fragrance of sweet clover

I see a river, rainbows and mountains high
I see the old Smokies reach to the sky.
Mother Deer with her young on the valley floor
Who in this world could ask for more?

by Eva M. (Golden) Byrnes

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