Never Try To Justify The Poverty

Those who raise their voices for equality,
Obviously, they are not considered; equal,
Those who seek freedom; they are slave,
As I saw, so I said; I am not a knave..

Gays, they agitated, "Homo sex is to legalized,
Lesbian, claimed, their act is to be authorized,
Social worker and educationalist, for the education,
Missionaries, they are for the faith and religion,

Poverty victims they demand for cloth and food,
Most formidable enemy of humanity; the poverty-
The womb of terror and cruelty and inhuman act,
We are fostering to make them, whole earth a tomb!

Never try to justify the poverty, we must justify to self
Eradicate poverty to bring peace in barren mind; Help

by Aftab Alam

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Hmm.....not sure I'm understanding this the way it's meant to be understood.