Poem Hunter
The Tentacles Of Unbelieving
(June 24,1961 / Naga City)

The Tentacles Of Unbelieving

Spreading far and wide,
Great perdition by the hue!
By the mouth of deceits,
Deceived greater than had;
By the plunderous work of hand,
Plundered even more;
By the lust of flesh and beauty,
Corrupted and rottened;
When evil deeds end,
Everything's gone and perished!
What is there to unite,
When nothing is spread?
What is there to collect and enjoy,
When none is given or shared?
What is there to read and tinker,
When scribes refused to write or shied?
Everybody loves believing
When nothing is unbelieving;
For in the course evenmore wanting
Lay tentacles of unbelieving.

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