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The Terrorist In Willimantic, Connecticut, Usa

The Terrorist In Willimantic, Connecticut, Usa

Poem By Sonny San Juan, Jr.

n the autumn afternoon a wound festers in the crack of
the asphalt roads in the city
once a pasture field for the native Pequot Indians

What fraud and deceptions do the window-curtains hide?

Doves and pigeons do not know the color of hope

My cigarette stubb I interred beside the Bridge of Frogs
while the traffic procession headed for the Foxwood Casino
owned by the survivors of the massacred Pequots

But why does the Abu Sayyaf sneak into the mind?

In the Fall's twilight hour something sneaks into memory's fissure

a voyeur

filled with apprehension and terror

before we journeyed to America

(Translated by the author from the original Filipino)

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