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The Terrorist
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The Terrorist

His wounds so deep
they cease to hurt,
for hurt is all he knows,

he has become
a rolling ball of pain

that speaks, in actions, pain,
says one word to the world — 'pain',

and will not stop
until the world's aflame.

Oh, if we could
take him in our arms

until there's nothing
left of pain

but small, white birds
that fly away

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Comments (1)

A great piece Max. I am in awe of the direction you have taken: concentrating more on form than on content. That is not to say that the piece is void of content. The flow of this is great (even if I have my doubts about the 'message') . I like that you left a wider space between the 4th and 5th stanzas. It gives the piece a classic sonnet feel with the empty space indicating a change in direction.