The Test

If this is a test, how am I doing
I ought to do quite well somehow
For I've been to the finest school of learning
And on heartbreak, I know all there is now

I could teach a class about heartaches
Or do an essay a thousand pages long
For I know all there is about dissapointment
And on love, all there is that can go wrong

I could teach all there is about loneliness
Or all about tears still yet to fall
I could write a book on heartaches still yet to come
For on hurt, I'm an expert after all

I know all there is about lonely
And what it's like to cry alone at night
And if this is a test, I won't let you down
For I've had so much time to get it right

I've been to the best school of learning
I've had much practice crying through the nights
I know all there is about love that isn't right
I know all there is, I know I'll get it right.

by Bill Simmons

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