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The Test

As I look in your light blue eyes
I see the future through them
A man and a woman happy and content
With one and other
Never looking back and never to stray
Pure love forever and eternity

I see the man touching your hair
With stardust
Making you feel all the love
Like a downpour from the heavens

He tells God to stand back this time
This is my one true love
Open your heart and feel all the love and joy
From our souls

Send us to earth to test our love
You on one side of the world
Me at the other
We shall walk endlessly till we feel our souls reunite

God will marry us in his own words
He will ask you for your vow of love
She will say
To my soulmate
My one true love
I give to thee my mind body and spirit

He will then look at her and tell her
With this ring I thee wed
I give you my soul, my mind, my body, and my spirit
Then with His grace we shall live as Adam and Eve
We shall live forever as one

As they grow old
Never fearing death
After living a life time of happiness
Their souls will fly to heaven
Hand in hand
Never letting go as they see the last sunrise

7/03 ©

by Fredrick McDonald

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