The Test

Poem By Kevin and Ann Sawatzky

In between dusk and dawn
failure and success
two tortured poets are put
to the test
one of dark one of light
fate unknown
As two threads they weave
a tapestry
A cloth of the things they
cannot be
depicting words and life
it breaths and speaks
And the hands on the clock
turn minutes to weeks

Comments about The Test

Very interesting poem, I like it---Melvina
quit wasting biological time quit wasting my life i could become a medical researcher and study the telomeres if you would just come over to the dungeon and we could walk to blackie's beach
Your poems would be very effective as rock/pop/folk lyrics set to music. Have you considered this?
Two people writing a poem together is a nice idea in theory, but I've never seen it work. Maybe it's something more satisfying to the writers than the readers.
Good first post, especially if working together. But, it was pretty bumpy as the rhythem changed. Hope to read more.

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3,5 out of 5
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