The Thames Ancient Song

Fish rippling the shadows, light polishing
the water,
Borne along with the centuries while they
laughed and cried.
Flowing through Time, this ancient onlooker,
Where galleons once anchored on chafing tide. Passing buildings full of charming mellowness,
This old fellow as noble as Nelson and Cook.
Heaving with ships, but with a timeless stillness,
Like the now cherished words of a classical book. Like a butterfly's wings, wide-open and noiseless,
Glassy and glossy as it gently wafts on.
Like a witch that flourishes, bewitches, embraces,
A wharf lamp outburnt like the years that have gone. Passed Greenwich and Deptford, proud London Bridge, Temple,
Lapping like leaves in a shower lashed breeze.
The Thames, the city's trustworthy vassal,
Ever industrious, like noontide bees. It was near me in childhood, and i still hear it laughing,
Like the frolicking waves of a good-humoured sea.
Far away am I now from its blithe merry-making,
Many years have now past, but it still sings to me.

by Dee E. White

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