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The Theory Of Give To Receive

The theory of give to receive works in many a different way
For yourself you sow future good Karma in your kind acts of today
Though many with this sort of thinking i feel quite sure would disagree
We all have our own way of seeing things this is how it does seem to be
The one with the gifts of kindness and compassion quite willing to help one of helping in need
One can vouch for as quite a good person a very good person indeed
And though the praises of the wealthy and famous the impressionable majority may sing
The one kind and caring to others hope to the future of humanity does bring
I know of a few kind and caring people and they are a privilege to know
For going out of their way to help others my respect for them only does grow
My respect is not for the environmental vandal or the greedy financial billionaire
But for the kind and compassionate people who are always willing to share
With those who are doing it tough in life my respect for them only does grow
For they are indeed marvelous people and their kind are sure nice to know.

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