The Theory Of The Bigger Bang

(and the Principle of Simplicity)

As speculation delves each star
reins outer space, makes flung less far,
w e orbit hope: may mind climb free
on rooftops lofting galaxies!
astride starlit –shingled canopy!
May thoughts of brightness bathe nebulae with light-
sharp beam of reason bear a clear insight!

But what really happens when we delve?
Mind rides universal carousel
and bobs confounded around, among
eternal truths. Circle routes are long..

So blonde-leering profs will formulate
a singularity, that, minus mate,
conceived with own forlorn ovation
all being. Old Primal Fornication,
last theory midnight’s boys debated,
is now vigorously ejaculated -
men gripping ‘scopes, observe: it's dated.

Those libido-lacking will construe
that barest hypothesis should be true
And nakedness eschews the lewd..
But the purest thoughts may still be screwed
to claim no Bigger Bang—no pre-stellar bed
ever brought creation to a head.

by Glenn Bagshaw

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This is an amazing poem, Glenn. Thanks for this creation from your amazing mind!