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The Thieves Without Honour

The thieves who do retain some honour steal from the wealthy and the coffers of the State
And they do use some of their ill gotten gain for to help out a very poor mate
But the thieves without honour are ruthless from poor people they even steal
The last bit of money they have left for to buy a cheap take away meal,
The thieves without honour are heartless the impurest of the impure
Like vultures they prey on the poor battlers the vulnerable financially insecure
They only add to others hardship they are the people without shame
And those who do steal from the have nots are only worthy of ill fame
They are the people without pity they steal from the poor and downtrod
Such people are bereft of feelings they do not have an inner God
How can people be so quite heartless to steal from people down on their luck
The World would be better without them for words to describe them I'm stuck
For they are the thieves without honour on the finances of the poor they do prey
They sow their own seeds of bad karma the fruits that they must reap one day.

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