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The Thing About Politicians

The thing about Politicians is that for power they stoop so low
And disrespect for the voters intelligence they only seem to show
Few of them ever keep their word and when a promise they do make
When elected to Parliament that promise they may break
The thing about most politicians is they speak in an ambiguous way
And when one of them is caught telling lies he or she is known to say
That is not what I did say I've been misquoted here
And those who vote for them want to believe from them what they do hear
Never trust a Politician they do lie so easily
They may fool many people but they never could fool me
They do seem so evasive in their ambiguity
And of most of them it can be said that they lack in honesty
And the thing about Politicians is that many of them are known to lie
They lie their way to Parliament and bad habits never die.

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