The Things He Told Me

Why would you sacrifice your life for someone else?
When he wouldn’t give his up for nobody but his self
He tells me I’m his angel
He tells me I’m beautiful
He tells me looking into my eyes
Makes him feel good inside
He tells me I’m all he has
And with me gone he has nothing to live for
Not even his mom or dad
He tells me I’m all he needs
He tells me I’m his everything
He tells me I’m the perfect weight
And that if I lost “everything” he’d still love my shape
He asks me about my day
He says my jokes are funny in their own way
He calls me she hulk because he thinks I’m strong
And he says even though he’s “thee” hulk with out me he is lost
He says without me he is weak
And he says that when he’s in my presence
It gets hard for him to speak
He says that I am special
He says I’m like no other
He says I’m crazy
And he wants me in his life forever
He said that when I was away
He wanted to go in the army
He said he was going to die anyway without me
I say wow
This gives me some things to think about
I say damn
Help me understand
I say that this isn’t easy
But no one said things would ever be
I say now what
Now I have nothing to say
Cause now I’m stuck
because theres someone else that i still love

by Shilesha Johnson

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WOW! Amazing write! ! ! I give it a 10.