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The Things I Do With Lips (Or I Will Kiss You)
(11/26/1971 / New York)

The Things I Do With Lips (Or I Will Kiss You)

I will kiss you
good night
good morning
good day
when you open your eyes
when you close them again
I will kiss you
lips exploring textures untested
new tastes, new temptation
probing, delicious and sweet
dancing, delighting
I will kiss you
as you feast upon my love
as you consume my body
let me fill you with my joy
I will kiss you again.

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Comments (7)

Undoubtedly emotional touching......Great work.
Sensual and wonderful.. Thanks..
Sweet, loving and sensual. I like it. Love, Fran xx
A well-written poem of the flesh is always welcome!
A wonderfully sensual poem that uses uncluttered language to convey a deep feeling of love and passion. I think I'd better loosen my collar!
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