The Things That Go Untold.

Poem By Lulu Muffin

i know youve moved on.
you no longer linger on the random occasions
of hand holding, and the innocent kissing.
you no longer cast that beautiful smile for me,
its all for her.
the stories you used to fill me in on
go untold, with no one to listen to.
the days go on slowly without you.
i cant even make-out your face anymore.
where the spaces between my fingers
used to be filled with your hand,
its replaced with nothingness.
you're slipping away though
those gorgeous cracks in my hand.
the days where we speak,
and you protest we'll hang out 'tomorrow',
those are beginning to disapear aswell.
the memories, the pictures, the laughs and the jokes
are vanishing quickly.
baby, please come back to me,
show me my tomorrow.

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