Lord Of Lords

When I turn around
I saw you on the ground
Sitting with a smile upon your face
I couldn't tell your race
You were shinning from head to toe
Looking like you had a glow
My heart started racing
It started to pump
My nerves were shaking
My blood was baking
I was falling in love again
You took my hand and made me clean
Took my lips and told me new things
I realized you were a different man
Someone who cared
For all my scares
Some one who loved
This mended heart.
Was it true?
I really found you.
I looked at your palm a noticed a scare.
Right there in the middle of my heart
I felt love like a rushing pool
I started to cry looking like a fool
You looked into my eyes
And I saw no despise
You were Jesus
Lord of Lords
King over everything
Including me.
I fell to my knees pleading for my life
With all my dirt I knew you would just take a knife
Possibly slit my throte
Hang me by a rope
But instead you knelt beside me and hugged me tight
You whispered in my ear at the cool of night
Don't worry darling
Every things alright.

by Sword Angel

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Beautiful. I love the Ryhme and Prose in This. It's Brilliant. A perfect 10. Wrath~