AR (6/16/88 / Denver)

The Things You Say I Am

You've told me that I'm different.
You've told me that I'm strange.
You tell me that I'm negative,
I guess I can't complain.
You filled my mouth with words
so easily defined.
You told me everything you know.
You're the blind leading blind.
You took away my confidence
by pushing me aside,
trampling my ego,
devouring my pride.
You left me all by myself
so cope with it I did.
I found the 'rebel' outlet,
a mischievous little kid.
Now I'm an intellectual,
I became a nerd.
I recognized your faults at last.
I finally understood.
I saw your lies beneath the mask
and tore myself away.
Your definitions once so true
couldn't really stay.
But now I don't know who I am
or even right from wrong.
I can no longer define me
the definitions have all gone.

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