Hygiene And Health

The human body is equally an engine
With its device of service and repair
The heartbeat and breath never stops
Some parts grow and stop at a certain age
The growth hair, and nails, never cease
Millions of blood cells form and replace the old
Every movement the skin cellsshed
Though slippers and shoes were torn but never sole
Intestines ever busy with the eatables one ingest
With metabolism tissues are formed andrepaired,
For an engine, we may replace the flawparts
And make fit for the road on and start
Nature cures and repairs the body routinely
ifbodydamage, above the natural point, needs tending
For countless of years, India knows the art
Of supporthealingto gain health and feel ease
Thus even the ancient doctors laid assured rules
Keeping the body hail and healthy
ThusScience says'' health is wealth.''
Maybe onerich inresource might fail to digest
Physically effective, but one might mentally unsound
Ayurveda the Indian medical science lays assured rules
Keeping body, cloths, house and milieu hygienic
Food habits and water to be fresh and unpolluted
If one careto be mentally and physically, fit
lead a healthy life'' servicing section is, integral.''

never opt for therepair section to finger thy body
one follows the rules ‘'our health is in our own hands.''

by Dr.Balnarayana Bandam

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