The Thought Of Poetry

Your words from the soul taken from mind to pen,
impacting people on what they read.
Feelings of life and tribute of the dead,
writing the words that are never said.
A feeling of passion and emotional rain,
or the cycle of life and the everyday pain.
I write for me and the broken emotion,
skipping a beat for the words that aren't spoken.
Poetry's the voice of many but one
from the thought of a love,
to the thought of a gun.
The endless struggle just to pull through.
Thats it for me, so whats it for you?

by Justin Evett

Comments (3)

I consider this a simple direct statement about what poetry means to the writer. That is sufficient to make it worth reading. A good presentation and rhymes as well. GW62
Great write Justin! Keep up the good work. :) Shannon
wow.. good one..creative.. i love your poetry..~hazel