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The Thousands
JD Jimi Doyle ( / Chicago)

The Thousands

1000 arenas
1000 flaws
1000 yellow steps

the thousands

deft-footed ones
sidewise wonders

the moon tonight
slashing a ray of light
upon the window slats
through to the walls
as moontide arrows

thunder slack moon
is now hiding
now showing
against odd
almost false
purple clouds

the thousands
1000 sirens
1000 charities
1000 vapors
the moon tonight
razoring through
1000 false clouds
finding itself
against the window
slats and walls

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Comments (4)

i agree 100%. by the way how are you doing these days?
1000 eyes. I'm watching you to see what you make next out of our little alphabet
one word: wow! thats deep...1000 cheers
The imagery of your poem is very different.