(1963 - / Dundee / Scotland)

Happy Birthday Barack Obama

There is Mr. President we know,
Though never ever seen,
I love to write poems happy birthday to Mr. President,
He is smart and kind.
Today is his birthday August 4,2014,
He is our great President,
Here's wishing well Dear Barack Obama,
A very happy BirthDay fifty three!

by Natasa Tocuc

Comments (5)

Those last three lines give me a lesson in how to close a poem! ! ! Excellently plotted. 10
Head, lead! In the universe. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
'All that trouble just to turn up dead was all I thought that long week. Now the thread'....is very nice. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.
Such a great poem by Don Paterson👍👍👍
This is interesting and amazing poem very beautifully penned. Jamie has made his landing in the world...10