The Threads

One by one they are cut

By scissors are neither human nor will make me tremble
Step by step i have to be careful or i will might see the Devil

The threads....the threads of life....cut down by scissors like slashing someone with a large looking knife.

I bleed I bleed once more the light is begginning to show my way out of the door by this night.

The lies the lies where have i heard that before oh yes it was from my exlover who 'used' to live next door.

'The gun? ' 'The chair? ' 'Oh how I declare! ! ! ' it seems very suitable for such as I who will die from the lie.

The End the beautiful gorey end i see myself from the nook where alot of people looked i jumped i splash with a gorey dash a barrage of bullets within my stomach while it seems i made people not to laugh...

The smile my glorious smile, a sign of my smiling death with haunt everyone now with their every....breath.......

by Loveless Poet (Kyle S.)

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