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The Three Worlds
TB (31 March 1990 / )

The Three Worlds

Poem By Timothy Biley

The world turned on its axis.
There is light in the sky.
Trees grew high as the mountains,
Water gently ran in the streams.
Tranquility flew in the air.
Peace and happiness grow.

The world turned.
Darkness is massing in the east.
Crows caw at the fields.
Plants wither and animals are eaten.
Neither light nor darkness reign.

The world turned.
Darkness rules the sky.
Crows roam the fields and eat the plants.
Fire sparks in the cities and villages.
Trees have fallen.
Mountains are grinded up
and have been spat back into the earth.
Pain and suffering are in the hearts of men.
Darkness rules the sky with an iron fist
and the dead rules the earth.
The world stops.

And as I look up into the heavens,
the wind whispers.
Three words were heard:

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