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The Throne Of Roses
AF (February 24,1992 / )

The Throne Of Roses

Poem By Awen Fey

Surrounded by eternal night
is the Throne of the Roses
He who sits on the throne,
sees the truth and knows all
However, he is doomed to die
for he is envied by many

on the Throne of Roses
decievers come and fail
for he sees the truth
the ones that come from behind him fail
for he knows all

His reign shall last
for all the decievers plot
They say to themselves,
'Knowledge cannot beat emotions'

They set up a false throne
the leader among them sits
The decievers act as though he is more powerful
he who sits on the Throne of Roses sees this,
As he becomes envious, and steps off his throne

He who sits on the Throne of Roses
Is doomed to die
and this land is doomed to eternal strife
as many will die
on the Throne of Roses

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WOW, i loveed that sooo much, please comment some of mine, and write moer like that.