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The Thylacine

They had lived in Australia for hundreds of centuries before white people came
And hunted and shot them to extinction which seems an awful shame
The thylacine Australia's largest marsupial of prey
All but lost to the memory it does seem sad to say

As dead as the dodo and the dodo long dead
Of Australia's beautiful thylacine can also be said
In Australia long before the first people of the Dreamtime
To be seen as a threat to sheep farming was their only crime

Robert Paddle's book on The Last Thylacine reduced me to tears
The saddest thing i have read for many years
Despite human scientific advancement i will say it again
Extinction is forever the fact does remain

A thing of great beauty lost to Australia to be seen never more
Extinction is forever as is said before
Many life forms since have gone the thylacine's way
And many species endangered in the World of today.

by Francis Duggan

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