The Time In Between The [whispered] Times

In a moment,
In this silence,
Time hangs by a silver thread
And dangles from it ancient spiders
Throughout which tingles the sense that all is dead...
(But not quite)
The moment in between the still and tick
Of the ornate mantle clock
Is infinate beyond measure
And in the breath breathed
There catches quick a knot
Of nothingness through which
The Idea - the Very Idea -
of anything at all of importance
Falls to the floor: Uncontrollably
Ecstatic are the chains which loose
From fiendish hellish somethings
And release in joyous ecstasy
A ringing silence teetered
In the minute hand of decision
And the majority of vast seconds
(both conquered and delayed)
Now gone and forever vanquished
Be seldom spoken thoughts
And barely whispered dreams
And things only deemed unworthy
To be spoken into It (silence! Still.)
For in the moment
Of moments
Of forever only one
There is that vast oasis in the needle
Of absolute inevitable denied

by Fallen Too Far

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Wow, this is an awesome write. You should be proud. Thanks for posting.