VLK ( / Chana, Illinois, USA)

The Time Is Now

The time is now, the time to act:
Do you ever wonder "why?"
Wonder what if we would only try
Do you ever think of this
Do you like to look at your wish list?
Then why, oh! why.
Don't they listen to this cry?
The signs are there for all to see.
So, what do we do to make others believe.
Do you ever wonder why?
If everyone knows what is wrong,
Why not just make it right!
Before everything's lost and out of sight!
All the signs are out there right now, this day.
What are we waiting for,
This is not funny anymore.
There is no other way,
The time is now and today.
Before our homes turn to dust and fade,
With the break of day, what?
Is all life worth anyway!

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