Gardening Sucks Outside Of Eden...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When do we return to the Garden?
Life out here has been hard n
I wanna come back and relax!
With Father all is simple, no pain, n
all provided!

Here outside the garden is pain and all work,
how could I have left, what was I thinking, what a jerk!

Seeing rightly my earthly condition,
over the garden fence, I've been fishin'

For what is true and what is freeing,
The message came back, 'time for fleeing! '

So I instead of packing up all my bags and heading East,
I gave away all my stuff, dropped all illusions,
cut ties and made peace!

In this state sublime, I headed home, back East,
Wandering happily in a pure state, that of release!

Enter I AM, the Rest of Father's Garden, I'm aware!
Nice to see it, be it, and know, it was always there!

by Chuy Amante

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