The Time Machine!

The gamble's taken based on faith
Before one switch is pressed -
The traveller sits and must be brave
In this, Man's noblest quest!
From geographic co-ordinates
A constant is derived
From which both science and the fates
Reveal if one's survived!
Thus time and space await the man
Who's faith's as good as gold,
Enough to conquer all he can
While mysteries still unfold!
The clock's now set, just biding time.
Its master's said his prayers!
The minute's here and all's sublime,
That's if the master dares!
The chariot waits, both charged and charmed,
Enough to disappear -
And though the master's face looks calmed,
Each heartbeat skips a year!
The test went well, excelling dreams
Of what the future grants!
Time travel's real! It skims the streams!
Perhaps life to enhance!
Now comes enticement with the power!
To change Man's destiny!
To skip ahead! To mould the hour!
To bend eternity!
While angels stare at life's new realms
Obedient to God's Law,
Temptation grows and overwhelms
The soul that yearns for more!
Behold the wondrous time machine!
Time's wells and springs untapped!
No longer hidden, sights unseen,
They wait to be untrapped!
Release them, hero, if you must -
Just spin the dials and pray!
Yet act with caution though you trust
In God and Judgement Day!
Blessed is the noblest human soul
Content to live by grace,
Yet sometimes heroes take control
To save the human race!
Conscience not science is best employed
To serve God to the end!
Adventure beckons! Cross the void!
Knowledge is power, friend!

by Denis Martindale

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