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The Time That I Crave (Experimental-Performance)
(12/31/1968 / hudson falls, new york)

The Time That I Crave (Experimental-Performance)

_: _[am/pm] is expected to arrive
[tonight, today, this morning] amongst us
It is approaching
I can't wait
In a short time
It'll be here
I desire it to arrive soon
It's kind of resemble one big party
When _: _[am/pm] is in my presence
There's nothing quite like _: _[am/pm]
When will it appear hear
I hope I don't fall asleep before it arrives
I'd like to be awake when _: _[am/pm] appears
Is it here yet?
I can't anticipate any longer
Has it arrived?
You say it's coming, it's coming

It's here, it's _: _[am/pm]
It has finally arrived
I hope this can go on forever
There's nothing qu ite like _: _[am/pm]
I hope _: _[am/pm] doesn't end
It's so good to me, this _: _[am/pm]
I've never had any problems with _: _[am/pm]
It's still here?
Hope to see it for a very long time
I'd like _: _[am/pm] to stay
But it won't, I know
But it does come along daily
I never see any of you daily
A good companion, this _: _[am/pm]
Wished it stays longer than it usually does
Is it still here?
One minute,60 seconds, is not long enough
I always have a good time when _: _[am/pm]
Is amongst me
_: _[am/pm] is giving you a good time too?
_: _[am/pm] please stay a bit longer
Don't go _: _[am/pm]
It's not time to leave us
You can stay as long as you want
I don't mind
I love your company _: _[am/pm]
You give me such comfort
When your in my presence

_: _[am/pm] has past
Disappointed I am indeed
_: _[am/pm] only last a minute
I wished it lasted longer
Why doesn't it last longer?
Who determines how long _: _[am/pm] lasts?
I want to know
Because whom do they think they are?
I'll give them a black eye, bloody nose
broken rib, leg or arm
They have no right to determine this
Believe me, they don't
I can't wait another 24 hours for _: _[am/pm]
to arrive again
It's the only thing I look foreward to
Guess it's true what they say
Time flies when you're having fun

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